Cohort 5 (2012-2013)

Amy Post is from Minnesota, by way of Tacoma, Washington where she studied Global Studies and English Writing at Pacific Lutheran University.  After college, she lived in a big house with ten friends for a couple years, where she learned how to grow a garden, and raise chickens and goats.  In addition to her studies, Amy currently spends her time as the Assistant Office Manager in the Siskiyou Environmental Education Center, and teaches environmental education programs at North Mountain Park Nature Center.  She is a fully-certified alpine ski instructor and hopes to incorporate her love of outdoor recreation with her interest in teaching kids about nature.  At her leisure she enjoys bikes, hikes, and books.

Mandy Noel earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Columbia College in her home state of Missouri. Pursuing the path to becoming a park ranger, Mandy has rambled through the wetlands of the Big Muddy and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuges. After spending one summer living in a little bunkhouse on the prairie, Mandy left the Midwest for an internship at the Patuxent Research Refuge National Wildlife Visitor Center in Maryland. Once the joyful cries of visiting children fell silent and the leaves of gold beech trees and red maples faded, Mandy returned to Missouri for the winter. Shortly after, the travel bug bit her again, and she wound up working as an environmental educator for the Bureau of Land Management in Medford, Oregon. There she guides hikes on the Table Rocks by spring, builds and maintains trails by summer, and leads nature programs at McGregor Park by fall.

Sarah Burstein earned a BA in Biology from Colorado College in 2007. She arrived in the mythical State of Jefferson in 2009 to monitor salmon and trout populations with the AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project (WSP) in a remote area of Northern California. Through WSP, Sarah also taught watershed education in local schools, developing a great fondness for salmon lifecycle costumes and teaching students about the fantastic natural world that surrounds them. Sarah most recently worked on our neighboring Klamath River and is currently pursuing a teaching credential for middle/high school biology. She enjoys collecting and canning the bounty of Jackson County, mushroom hunting, and playing with her crazy puppy, Bolete.

Erika Hansen attended Humboldt State University, where she received degrees in Marine Biology and Studio Art.  She later acquired an Ananda yoga teaching certificate, a PADI scuba license and a food safety certification. Post-HSU she had a lot of jobs, from working in marine labs in North Carolina, to being a collective member at an amazing natural food store, Corners of the Mouth.  She was also a private tutor, a yoga instructor, and a naturalist interpreter. Erika hopes to always be both a student and teacher of nature, inspiring wonder for the natural world in kids of all ages. When she’s not reading mounds of homework, Erika can be found outside, preferably on a nice day, birding, doing things with Chihuahuas (tidepooling, yogaing, etc.), creating fun paintings with kids, hanging out with goats, looking at the stars, contemplating life and octopuses, and traveling to warm sunny places.

One of Kelly Campbell’s earliest childhood memories is on a beach in Mexico, sculpting sand into various sea creatures, replicating the forms and patterns in great detail. If people walked by she would offer both their common and scientific names, as well as species information. Kelly was born with a passion for connecting people with the natural world. During her undergraduate coursework at the College of Creative Studies, University of California Santa Barbara, Kelly became interested in the inherent connection between art and science—a passion that led her in the direction of environmental education, curriculum development, exhibit design, and eventually, farm-based education. For the last eight years, she has been involved with educational groups and organizations that focus on science, natural history and the environment. Kelly loves making art, playing in the ocean, watching seeds germinate, eating honey by the spoonful, and bottle-feeding baby goats.

Hillary Lowenberg hails from hectic Washington, D.C. and landed at SOU to pursue her goals as a teacher/educator at an arts-based farm school of her dreams. She is the graduate assistant and coordinator of the Fall in the Field program and is currently working towards a teaching license for upper elementary and middle school. Hillary attended the University of Vermont and graduated in 2007 with a BA in Environmental Studies. Since then she has been working in schools, farms and gardens to teach urban kids how to grow their own food. She has traveled to 15 countries, is a certified doula and holds a certificate to teach English as a second language. You can find Hillary in the SOU community garden.

Jenna Raino got her B.S. in Biology at the College of Idaho. She loves wild, edible plants, and has picked huckleberries every single summer of her life. She is pursuing teaching certification in addition to the Master in Environmental Education, and wants to teach all people about how cool the Earth can really be. She’s has been an interpretive specialist at an archeological park, a garden teacher, and a bird bander. She enjoys the smell of ponderosa pines, and likes to round out her outdoor/indoor life with cooking delicious food and painting on giant canvases.

Calvin Lin is a New Jersey native who graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources. (That’s all one major!)  He did a year-long stint with AmeriCorps in their New Jersey Watershed Ambassador Program, contributing to the local schools and community with projects and education outreach.  This naturally influenced him to want to teach students about the wonders of nature and led him to the Environmental Education program.  Also, he has an incredible weakness towards fluffy, fuzzy things.


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