Recent Happenings on the Farm at SOU

The Farm at SOU is a place of so much opportunity and potential. Being a student-run organic farm, it is a place of trial and error, triumphs and mistakes, and a place where 20160928_093129more than just delicious produce is harvested! The farm supplies CSA shares each week during the summer to SOU students and staff, as well as sells a bulk of the produce to the dining services at SOU. The farm at SOU is one of the sites for Rogue Valley Farm to School harvest meal programs and the farm is piloting their Sustainability Farm School (SFS) this year! The SFS happens to be headed by two of our very own Environmental Education (EE) graduate students! Melissa Donner and Alessandro img_2586Broido have developed curriculum for school groups to come out for a “farm experience” day program. The lessons are all place-based and feature citizen science, nature empathy, service learning, or nutrition education components. This summer in our Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment class, our cohort was able to work together to write some amazing lessons to be used for the farm’s programs! Melissa just kicked off the farm’s afterschool program, Alessandro is working each week with a high school class on their farm project, and I recently planned a big fall sustainability event that was held at the farm called Octoberfeast. Other members of the cohort have had the chance to teach at the farm with the farm to school programs or the SFS’s teaching team. It has been a great place to gain experience doing EE in a very non-traditional setting. We are so lucky to have such a great learning laboratory right on campus! 

-Written by: Bekah Campbell


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