Kids and Creeks- A Day of Exploration!

Just a few weeks ago, the Siskiyou Environmental Education Center enjoyed teaching kids and adults all about the salmon life cycle at the Kids and Creeks event located at Bear Creek Park in Medford, Oregon. This event was organized and sponsored by the Bear Creek Watershed Council, OSU Extension (BCWEP) and Bear Creek Watershed Education Partners, and there were many exciting educational booths. For example, kids took the opportunity to look at male and female dissected steelhead trout, then do some salmon watching guided by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Our SEEC graduate students quizzed their internal anatomy fish knowledge with the salmon dissecting table (and remembered more than they thought!). While watching our very own Chinook salmon spawning (laying eggs in Bear Creek), we had the opportunity to speak with biologist Chuck Fustish with ODFW. He was generous to share his fascinating knowledge about this incredible fish that has made a comeback in Southern Oregon. Check out our impromptu interview of Chuck speaking about these fish, as well as some actual Chinook spawning behavior!


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