When you grow up

“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Ah, the age old question asked to young people everywhere, and, for some of us, it is still an ongoing question. Somehow the answer of an environmental educator (or something to that effect) does not always satisfy the asker. Follow up questions might be, “What is that?” or “What are you planning on doing with environmental education?”

Well, in the context of Cohort 7, some of us have very clear goals in mind, and some of us are leaving our options open and come what may. I think both of these views are perfectly wonderful. If you have read over the bios our members, you can see that we have a wide range of backgrounds and more experiences than can be contained in roughly 150 words. Each of these events in our lives has shaped us and pushed us into the direction of environmental education. These forces will continue.  Every day we hear about new opportunities for us to explore. Internship, projects, job opportunities, volunteer opportunities, organizations, schools, nature centers, outdoor programs, just to name a few. The possibilities truly are endless and one cannot know where they are going to end up.

For me, I have an idea of where I want to end up. Working with motivated young people who are looking for a start in environmental education and teaching them how to teach environmental education. But the journey to get there or wherever can be the most fun.  It is thrilling and terrifying and exciting to wonder what is out there and where we will go with it. And as I look around at all of the excitement, passion, dedication, and willingness to inspire young minds, I think Cohort 7 is going to be exactly who they are meant to be when they grow up.


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