Putting passion to purpose

A wise man once told me that whatever path a person chooses in life should be one that fills them with a sense of purpose. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Graduate school is an endeavor for passionate people. It’s a lot of work, and unless you are into the self-torture thing, you’re likely persevering for a reason.

I think I speak for our entire cohort when I say that we all have an overwhelming amount of passion. The past weekend at Ludlum, it was so inspiring to hear everyone’s story … to get a glimpse of what has motivated each of us and what we are driven to do.


Our passion makes us do crazy things sometimes, like channeling our inner squirrel.

A portion of our cohort is working to obtain a certificate in non-profit management to complement our degree program. Last week, in our Non-profit Theory course, we had the privilege to pick the brains of a panel of four leaders of local non-profit organizations. What stood out to me from the whole discussion was that they all stressed that passion with purpose is only half of being a strong environmental leader and educator.

It also takes the ability to put that passion to purpose.

And that is exactly why we are here at SOU in this program, working ourselves to the point of delirium (yes, it’s only Week 3) in order to gain the skills necessary to do so.


We have found a path and are well on our way toward a destination that is still relatively unknown. But when we get there, we’ll be ready.


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