We’ve all arrived

Cohort 7 is a complete group now. Fall term is underway, the red maples on campus are living up to their name, and soon we’ll begin the year-long planning process that ends with next year’s Fall in the Field. Last weekend, to kick things off right, we all traveled up to Grants Pass, down the Redwood Highway into California, and then back up the coast into Oregon and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest for some orientation and exploration at the Ludlum House. We had great weather and an even greater time getting to know each other better, establishing how our cohort will tackle the tasks of the coming year, and drinking in the beauty of the Winchuck River, the Oregon Coast, and the breathtaking, majestic, can’t-use-enough-superlative-adjectives-to-describe coast redwoods in northern California’s Jedediah Smith State Park. We can prove it, with this video:

As a reader of this blog, you’ll likely appreciate a species list, so here are some highlights of the wildlife we spotted (bold are pictured below):

  • Harbor Seal (Phoca vultina richardsi) 
  • Brown Pelican (Pelicanus occidentals)
  • Ensatina salamander (Ensatina eschscholtzii)
  • Pacific Giant Salamander (Dicamptodon tenebrosus)
  • Roughskin Newt (Taricha granulosa)
  • Barred owl (Strix varia) – heard, not seen
  • Prickly Scuplin (Cottus asper)

Crissy Field State Park PGS in hand Soon, very soon, we’ll officially introduce ourselves to you more completely. The bios are in the works even as you’re reading this. For now, know that we are all so very excited to be here, and, of course, we can’t wait to share what we’re doing. in the redwoods


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