Happy Winter Break!

All of our finals are in and graded and we are all enjoying time away from classes. I asked some of the members of Cohort 6 what their plans were for the break, and here are the responses:

Ellen: I will be going home to visit family and friends in Maryland! I’m looking forward to seeing and spending time with the people I love for the holidays!

Erin: I plan on working all next week with Farm to School (my internship).  The following two weeks I will be flying in to Kansas City to spend Christmas with Kyle( my husband)’s family (and friends as I went to high school there) and then I will be driving to St Louis to spend about 5 days and new years eve with my family and (and friends as I grew up there and went to college there).  Of course Kyle and Lily will be coming with me.  Lily loves airplanes so she is really pumped.  Hopefully it stays that way because having a screaming child on an airplane is no fun 🙂

Phylicia:  I will be going home to Iowa and spending time with family and friends.

Vanessa: I’m staying here (in Medford).  My brother is coming up from Alabama and has requested a cool new years party…of course I don’t know any cool new years parties so hopefully he won’t be super disappointed with his trip.

Jason:  Francie (my wife) and I are going back to MS to visit friends and family.

Emily: I am going to stay here in Ashland and cozy up in my apartment with John (my husband) and Jaclyn. Maybe play in the snow a little bit with Jaclyn, because she’s finally old enough! I really would love to get some for-pleasure reading done, but that’s a little ambitious for my life.

Peter: I am seeing Tedeschi Trucks and The Black Crowes in San Francisco, viewing the male-male combat of elephant seals at Ano Nuevo, then flying home to Ohio for ten days to be with family and friends.

Lesley: I am going  home to Georgia for a few weeks. I am going to spend some quality time with family, friends, and dogs!


Cohort 6 wishes you all Happy Holidays and we will be back to regular environmental updates for the blog in mid-January!


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