I’m gonna do some science, only got a handlens in my pocket…

The musical science tradition continues at DCC

Imagine the campfire crackling to the beat, phenomenal dance moves by students and instructors alike, and some DCC bling made up of handlenses and woodcookies-welcome to Cohort 5’s latest musical addition to Fall in the Field.

Last year, Cohort 4 created the first ever Deer Creek song, the ridiculously catchy “Hey, This is Deer Creek” set to “Call Me Maybe.” Here in Cohort 5, we also prefer our music, like our programming, to be place-based. So following in these musical footsteps, we created not only a Southern Oregon rendition of the campfire classic “Country Roads,” but a slightly off beat, geeked out, Deer Creek version of “Thrift Shop.” Here for you now is the second live campfire performance of some Deer Creek musical magic… Dance on!


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