Field Trips!

When I was a kid we went on field trips once a year, if I was lucky!  Since I’ve started grad school I have been involved in 5 field trips.  I guess being a grown up has its perks!

Every Friday I get up bright and early and head over to North Mountain Nature Park to set up for the elementary children that come to spend a day as Shasta Valley Indian children.  Kids get to go hunting, with rubber tipped arrows and cardboard deer, then they gather berries to make tea.  Then they come to the village (where I am) to get the village ready for winter.

Yesterday I went to Hobart Bluff and ran around the mountainside with a group of middle schoolers looking for plants.  After becoming experts on a specific plant, children would map out a small area into grids and track the presence or absence of their plant in each square.

These children are so hungry for knowledge!  It is such an honor and privilege to watch kids absorb new information and see how eager they are to show off what they have learned.  Although I don’t plan on my career path taking me towards work with children, I will never forget the experiences I have shared with these little people.


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