Summer Break

We have a six-week break before fall classes start – let’s see what exciting adventures the cohort has planned!

Left to right: Kathy, Phylicia, Peter, Kristin, Lesley, Ellen. Photo by Ellen Messerly.
Left to right: Kathy, Phylicia, Peter, Kristin, Lesley, Ellen. Photo by Ellen Messerly.

Peter Kleinhenz just got back from a trip with friends in and around San Francisco.  He will be meeting some friends from Tasmania in Portland in a couple weeks.

Lesley Mobley will be home for a week or two.  Then she will come back to Oregon to work on her thesis, set up internships, and continue her exploration of Ashland and Oregon.

Kristin Todd will be valiantly holding down the fort in Ashland while everyone else goes on fun adventures.  She will also be looking for internships & picking blackberries!

Jason Wilson is setting up some internships, trying to figure out what he might do for his thesis/project, working on his website, and exploring.  Jason will also be picking blackberries.  And might possibly road trip to California.

Erin Krenzer claims to be boring and offers little evidence to support this statement.  She will be working during the break (“Woop”) and search for an internship.  Erin and her husband will camp on the coast for 4 or 5 days.  They will also celebrate their wedding anniversary on September 10th.  Congratulations!

Ellen Messerly is at Mount Hermon Adventures near Santa Cruz, CA, helping lead challenge courses through the redwoods (totally cool!!) and belaying the climbing wall.  She is also hoping to get some time up at the Outdoor Science School to get a feel for the environmental education program here.  She says it is “awesome.”
Kathy Nguyen will be found at the local climbing gym or lost in a blackberry bush with Kristin and Jason.
Phylicia Schwartz endeavors to become Louie’s next Trivia Night champion.  She will also travel home to visit the family.
Kimberly Schubert will be in Maryland working at the Echo Hill Outdoor School.  She is excited to be reunited with her friends and family.
Thuy Linh Ngo is home in California.  At this very instant she is most likely laughing or smiling.

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