Springtime Search Images: Where’s Waldo and the Elusive Morel Mushroom

While many of us now get the majority of our food from the store, way, way, way, way, way back in the day we had to hunt and gather our food. Our survival depended on our ability to recognize different food sources and remember where they were located. This recognition involves a search image, an image or pattern we hold in our heads in order to find something. Ever read Where’s Waldo? Your hours of searching for Waldo and his striped and bifocaled friends were perfect practice with search images!

For spring mushroom hunters, the ultimate search image is a small, elusive, waffley textured mushroom called the morel.

springtime search image blog_morel
The morel has pits and ridges on the cap which attaches to the lighter colored stalk. This texture creates the search image.

Put your search image skills to the test! How many morels can you spot in this photo?

blog_morel landscape2
Different morel species prefer different habitats. These morels are growing under cottonwoods near a creek.

Photos by Sarah Burstein.


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