WANTED: Volunteers at North Mountain Park

Kids in Ashland are so lucky.  The opportunities for environmental education abound in our town and the greater Rogue Valley, and teachers in this area are not afraid to take their students outside.  One of the wonderful places that schools can visit on field trips is the Nature Center at North Mountain Park.

Herb garden at North Mountain Park Nature Center. Photo by Amy Post.
Herb garden at North Mountain Park Nature Center. Photo by Amy Post.

The Nature Center at North Mountain Park was founded in 1995 by Kari Gies (a graduate of SOU’s EE program) and Linda Chesney.  Located on 40 acres adjacent to Bear Creek, the Nature Center provides nature trails that wind through a variety of ecosystems, an exhibit room that invites children to see, touch and play the history of the Rogue Valley, nature programs for people of all ages and beautiful gardens that are maintained by volunteers.  One reason that the Nature Center is so successful is because it is operated through the City of Ashland’s Parks and Recreation department, which is supported by Ashland’s 5% meals tax.

Each fall and spring, elementary classes visit North Mountain Park for programs on rotating topics including geology, water, plants, animals, Native Americans and history of the Rogue Valley.  The Field Programs are designed in such as way that a child could visit North Mountain Park 12 times during their elementary years and never repeat a program.

Butterfly garden at North Mountain Park Nature Center. Photo by Amy Post.
Butterfly garden at North Mountain Park Nature Center. Photo by Amy Post.

Would you like to help teach the Field Programs at North Mountain Park?  Do you need a “kid fix”?  If you have experience working with children, you will love the fun, hands-on programs.  North Mountain Park is currently recruiting volunteers for the upcoming Animals program.


Volunteer Instructors Needed

to help teach Field Programs at North Mountain Park

TOPIC:    Animals of the Rogue Valley            SEASON: Spring 2013

 Get Involved!

North Mountain Park offers seasonal education programs, teaching grade-school students about the wonders of our bio-region.  Our volunteer instructors experience the rewards of hands-on teaching in an outdoor environment.  Learn something new today… and make a difference by passing that knowledge on!

Program Dates:

April 30th – May 31st, 2013

YOUNGERS (K – 2): Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 or 12-3

OLDERS (3rd – 5th): Wednesday 9-1and Fridays 10-2

Commit to teach one session per week through the field season
(or arrange to team up and share a spot with another instructor)

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Experience working with/teaching children, and ability to communicate enthusiastically
  • Dedication to showing children the marvels of nature in an outdoor setting
  • Willingness to promote the goals & mission of the Nature Center and the Ashland Parks Dept.
  • Attend a one-day training, and follow up lesson demonstration and practice sessions
  • Learn one lesson thoroughly and become familiar with two others
  • Agree to an official background check (required for all volunteers working with children)

Instructor Training Schedule

April 11:  9-3 All day training for Youngers – lunch provided.

April 17:  9-3 All day training for Olders – lunch provided.

April 12th through April 29th, 2013:  Lessons will be demonstrated and volunteers will practice until feeling comfortable enough to show proficiency in a teach-back setting, Variable scheduling.

For more information or to sign up for the training send an e-mail to finneyl@ashland.or.us

North Mountain Park Nature Center

620 N Mountain Ave ~ Ashland, OR  541.488.6606 ~ http://www.northmountainpark.org


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