EVENT: “It’s a Rogue Thing: Bringing Climate Concerns Home”

Next Sunday, Febuary 17th, two young Rogue Valley locals, Hannah Sohl and Camila Thorndike, along with a handful of passionate helpers are organizing a collaborative art installation to show support and concern surrounding climate change.  This has been thoughtfully scheduled in conjunction with the massive climate rally, Froward on Climate, scheduled to go down in Washington DC the same day.

The project centers on the relationship between climate change and our homes. Hannah Sohl writes “We want to explore what home means to individuals; how our homes (planetary, valley, family) will be affected by climate change; and how we can respond. Climate change impacts everyone and we would love to have your involvement in facing this issue.”

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Participants have been instructed to decorate cardboard cutouts in the shape of a house responding to the following questions:

1.     What do you love about living here in Rogue Valley?

2.     What worries do you have when you think about climate change?

THE BIG FISH: Tiles will be collected prior to the event and overlapped as the scales of a giant salmon to be installed in the parking lot of the Medford Public Library during Southern Oregon Climate Action Network’s event,  “It’s a Rogue Thing: Bringing Climate Concerns Home.” Bring your creativity and let’s tell our leaders that we want them to take action on climate change!

DETAILS and more information can be found at:


fish scale
Dimensions for the cardboard cut-out to construct a scale for the big salmon to portray how you feel about climate change.

Don’t miss your chance to express how you feel about climate change by creating your very own scale!

Examples of scales created by Rogue Valley residents to construct the big fish are shown below.

307418_126490997523892_324631095_n 526380_126491160857209_1809443207_n 578047_126490444190614_1711231368_n


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