Brainstorming begins for Fall in the Field 2013

Mandy points out some riparian zone plants.

Grad students from Cohort 5 spent their pre-Thanksgiving weekend connecting on big dreams, making decisions on small details, and sharing personal goals, fears, and hopes surrounding this experience they are jointly embarking on. The team met early on a Saturday morning in Lithia Park to plan their guided nature walks for their current EE course while enjoying the fall colors and keying out puzzling trees species.

Kelly and the crew brainstorm ideas for Fall in the Field.

After breaking for lunch at the Ashland Food Co-op, the group headed over to the library for a mammoth brainstorm session surrounding next year’s Fall in the Field Program, which they will continue to design over the next 9 months and implement during the fall of 2013. The room was full of ideas, enthusiasm, and exemplary group work, setting the stage for success. 

The group worked up an appetite and headed over to a member’s home for dinner, games, and to share life-goals, past experiences, and personal priorities. By the end of the day, Cohort 5 kicked off what is likely to be one of the most formative experiences in their lives.

Cohort 5 embraces their accomplishments.

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