Pheasant Fields Farm Festivities

Last Sunday, the cohort 5 crew (minus a few) decided we needed to let the inner child out, and went to the pumpkin patch at Pheasant Fields Farm. There were tons of kids running about, and we all had a splendid time. We picked pumpkins to carve, had a hayride, and goofed around.

We looked at the farm animals, and found a tom turkey with a very long snood.  Perhaps he was trying to impress the ladies.

The view from Pheasant Fields Farm was breathtaking. This is a great example of a farmer using polycultures to get more out of his land. There are corn rows in the back, a pumpkin patch to the right, a hedge row of flowers to the left, and past that are rows of cantaloupe, watermelon, winter squash, apple trees, and grapes.

Hillary stopped to smell the flowers…

Here is Amy, sitting on a very large pumpkin.

How could we leave the farm without seeing the view from Look-Out Hill?

Want to know where your food comes from? Start by getting to know your local farmers. The pumpkin patch on Pheasant Fields Farm is open daily from 10 am – 5pm. The Harvest Festival is open only on weekends from 10 am to 5 pm. This is the last weekend for the Harvest Festival, Pumpkin Patch is open through October 31. Don’t miss it!


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