Hornet heaven at Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

How do hornets get to school?

By school buzz!

Today, some of our students at Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument found some hornets in their “school” for the day- Greensprings Loop at CSNM. Despite this, the students mastered their naturalist skills, explored, and learned about the CSNM community. They will share some of their experiences through comments below.


4 thoughts on “Hornet heaven at Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument”

  1. During the field trip I got stung nine times. My partner Gabe had gone off the trail and sat on a log. I went over to sit down by him to work on our journals, and that is when the bees started to sting us. Somebody had to pull five stingers out of my leg. It hurt really bad. Luckily, I am not allergic to bees, and they are healing and doing better now.

  2. Poppy and I stepped on a wasp’s nest without knowing it was there. It was hidden under the leaves. We started to see the wasp’s swarm around us. We started to run and away, and they began to sting us as we ran. I got five bee stings. They hurt really bad and we had to put some after-bite ointment on our stings. That helped the stings hurt less. My ankle swelled up a lot! My finger also got pretty big. I had to miss school on Thursday because my ankle was so swollen and it hurt when I walked. I am not allergic to the bee stings, but I get really bad reactions. The trip was still fun though. I learned a lot! We learned that the oceanic plate got pushed under the continental plate and it scraped off all of the islands.

  3. While we were walking on our field trip, Katie had a walky talky and we heard over the speaker that all the kids had gotten stung nine times each. Then when we got back to our meeting place we found out that only two people had gotten stung. Poppy and Gabe were the two that got stung. We were sorry for them, but relieved it wasn’t their whole group. We got these cards that had pictures of animals on them, and each group got two different animals with facts on the back of the cards. Our group got the Lindsay Skipper and the Great Grey Owl. The Lindsay Skipper lives only in dry fields and meadows, and it likes oak trees. The Great Grey Owl lives in dense, shady forests and it eats everything from mice to snakes. I had a great time on our trip.

  4. I didn’t get stung, because I wasn’t in that group. A bee did land on my name tag though, and it almost stung me. I shooed it away, and it flew off. We learned about the habitat of Oak Titmouse and a Mazama Pocket Gopher. The Oak Titmouse likes oak trees, and it eats oak seeds. The Mazama Pocket Gopher likes to live in dry, grassy areas, and it can run backwards and forwards. The trip was a lot of fun. My favorite part was when Poppy came back from the bee stings and she acted totally fine.

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