Ashland Middle School at Deer Creek!

We had 3 classes from Ashland Middle School come out to Deer Creek this past week, and they all had a great time!

The 6th grade students from Ms. Harper’s class wanted to share some reflections below, answering the following prompt.

There are many unique places on the Deer Creek site and we want to know what your favorite natural place was. Can you describe it so it puts us in that place with you?


Griffen: My favorite thing at deer was the Darling Tonya and how it could lure little critters w/ it’s lure leaves (mustache) and kind of “eat” them.

Jude: I really liked the fen it was like two different communities right next to each other or even combined. I really liked dissecting the Darlingtonia and smelling the Geoffrey pines. It was a really cool experience and I think it would be cool to go again.

Ashley: My favorite memory was going down to the creek with the class and splashing around. My friends and I were dunking and splashing each other and then one of my friends dropped her shoe and it sunk to the bottom. We couldn’t find it for at least ten minutes. We were starting to get out of the water so someone dunked under and was under for a long time but then found it.
I also really liked dissecting the Darlingtonia. When we were dissecting it the counselor asked me to hold the end where all the bugs were digested. After I held it my hands smelled like a million dead rats. I was really cold at night so every once in a while I would go into the bathroom and chill. Breakfast was the best. We had maple brown sugar muffins and hot chocolate. I had a great time at Deer Creek and I would definitely invite more people next time to enjoy the fun!

Sierra: My favorite place at Deer Creek Park is where the bridge goes over the creek.I loved making my two fairy houses with my best friend Grace, the instructor Katie and my mom.I loved everything but that was my favorite.

Habib: My favorite place was the creek because it was a nice cool place to be when it was was also cool to see the animals that lived in the creek like crawdads and waterskidders .I had fun looking for frogs up and down the creek with the nice cool water splashing my legs.

Rosie: My favorite memory and spot at Deer Creek is the part of the creek with the giant serpentenite rock to sit and gaze up at the sun, or gasp as the freezing cold water touches your skin as you walk into the chest deep water. All my friends are splashing and screaming as someone else splashed the cold mountain water on them. I remember walking upstream to look for crawdads and to stand in the waterfall and try to not slip off the slippery algae- covered rocks. I also remember coming out of the creek dripping wet and my friend motioning to come sit next to him in the warm beach of rocks.

Julia: Deer creek … now know what you’re thinking and it doesn’t involve deer’s in creeks, but the creek was very important. A hike through the woods, catching bugs in the fen and creek. All things we did at deer creek but my all-time favorite thing at deer creek, other than staying in yurts, was swimming in the creek. We got to play, splash, swim and just be a kid I loved it. It was so much fun. I will never forget playing and learning so much about nature like macro-invertebrates. I never knew so much before I love deer and all its guides they were so nice.
I love deer creek

Madison: I had a great time at Deer Creek, I am thankful for learning all the things we did; using senses, replanting invasive plants with other not invasive plants, learning about macro-invertebrates, serpentine, and learning about Deer Creek. My favorite part about Deer Creek was spending the night, and being able to swim in the creek. I had a really good time. At the end of our field trip, we had a really good lunch. I enjoyed going there!

Felicia: I’m Felicia Meeker and one of my favorite things about Deer Creek was when we were all together around the fire pit and we were singing songs together and then we grouped up and then we went to where all the Blackberry bushes and the Meadow Knap Weed, it smelled like ripe juicy blackberries and fresh picked hay, it was dark but the moon made it just bright enough to see. I loved it when we played the game where one person was the blindfolded bat and two people were moths that the bat had to catch, and the rest of the people in our group were in a circle being tree so the bat did not run into the black berries or get hurt. Then we walked a little and we played a game where we were pirates and we were a boarding the queens ship and we blinded all the queens sailors. We did that by covering one eye and then Katie lit a candle and held it up to our eye and then we had to try and see which eye we could see best out of.

Maxwell: My favorite part of the deer creek trip was the creek, not only swimming in the creek, although that was definitely a favorite. But also catching little creatures in the creek. I liked this part specifically because we got to use special tools like the densiometer to measure the tree canopy, and also got to use the cool D-nets instead of just trying to grab the many scrapers, shredders and other things with our bare hands. Honestly, I liked swimming more than anything else but I think that that wasn’t the most important learning thing I should say I enjoyed.

Raisa: Deer creek was one of the most positive and fun school fieldtrip. But I loved watching you at the fire pit. Helping the Native plants was fun to. For my favorite part, I liked swimming in the river with my friends. It was cold but worth it. Thanks for making this a positive experience for me and my classmates.

Wiley: My favorite part about the deer creek adventure is the night hike looking at the stars and going to the creek at night and dissecting the darlingtonia. I only wish I was able to get more sleep so I could wake up and get ready to go and see where the biscuit fire was and explore the woods.

Sailor: My favorite natural place ay Deer Creek was the fen, because I got to see so many amazing creatures and plants. I loved smelling the Jeffery pine and how it smelled so sweet. We got to see the, darlingtonia, they were the most different flower I have ever seen. The leader showed us how to dissect one, which was interesting. We saw in the older one had more bugs then the younger one, she past it around and said that was the most bugs she has seen in a darlingtonia, we all wondered if that’s all that it eats in its life. After that we caught bug and other little creatures, we caught lizards , spiders, and other little things. That was my favorite thing about deer creek.

Ben: I think my favorite part was definitely the creek or the fen with the cobra lilies. The creek was so amazingly clear and beautiful. The fen was just as cool with the smell of pine trees and the sound of birds. The trip was excellent and I hope I can go again.

Nico: My favorite place in deer creek is probably, well deer creek. The best part would probably being able to go in the creek. The water was cold and glistening in the sun, the sweet smell of Jeffrey pines filled the air. The sound of the flowing, the feel of the smooth serpentinite, all made it the best place ,and also the staff was amazing too, and the food was delicious. and,also the farms that donated the food.

Skyler: My favorite activity was being in deer creek. I got to swim, splash and make some noise. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for my friend because he loaned me his shoes. I found a couple of crawdad’s . I found predators, shredders and gatherers in deer creek. I used a D-net to catch them which is nifty. I learned about a new type of igneous rock called serpentine.

Sara: My favorite moment at Deer Creek was going in the creek and swimming with my friends little did I know I was swimming in a big community. In the morning my group went to the creek and I caught some scrapers predators and some of the author creatures in the creak. I learned what I was swimming in. I learned a lot at dear creak and I want to thank the teacher the chaperons and a big thank you to the SOU graduates. THANK YOU

Ayla: My favorite part of Deer creek was swimming in the creek and dissecting the darling tonia and seeing what it ate. Catching the aquatic macro invertebrates was fun too. The local food we ate was really good. Hearing the coyotes at night was really cool. I definably enjoyed going to deer creek and want to go again.

Logan: My favorite things at Deer Creek was fawn creek with the d nets. The walk in the fen. The walk in the woods. The yurt . And the fox.

Trinity: I really liked Deer Creek because you got to swim and that was really fun for me. When I got in the water it felt really nice because I was really hot. After I got in the water I didn’t want my hair to get wet but someone splashed me so I got it wet.
I also liked the darlingtonias it was so fun because that was my first dissection. I could not believe my eyes when I saw how many Cobra Lily’s there were and when I went bug hunting I caught a cricket that had a weird face. It was green and it looked really cool under the magnifier and we saw some really funny skits. I give you a high five for the bandana skit. I was laughing every second.
Good bye, hopefully I’ll see you soon.

KJ: My favorite moment was dissecting the darlingtonia. It was fantastic to do it with all of my friends and it is amazing how it eats its food. When we cut it open we saw how much food it eats. Swimming in the creek was great because it was so refreshing. I liked when we went down to the creek. We had nets to get whatever flows down the creek. When I was picking this rock up I saw crayfish two crayfish I got the crayfish in my net after that we went to go eat really good dinner. Then we started to sing songs at the camp fire then we went on this night hike it was wonderful because we played games and put my hands behind my ears.


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