Dirt Dessert

Make a delicious and healthy dessert while learning about the soil layers. Instead of the traditional crumbled Oreos and instant pudding, this dirt dessert recipe uses fresh fruit and organic ingredients!

Photo by: S. Oster

In a 12-oz wide mouth jar, layer the ingredients as seen below.

Bedrock: 2 oz of your favorite organic chocolate bar (Dagoba is delicious!)

Bedrock is… the deepest rock that has not been exposed to weather.

Parent material: ¼-cup of your favorite organic chocolate chips

The parent material, or regolith, is slightly broken up bedrock. Plant roots don’t penetrate this layer.

Subsoil: 1 organic banana, mashed

Subsoil is usually light in color and is made up of sand and silt on top of clay and mineral deposits.

Topsoil: 1- 6 oz container of organic chocolate yogurt (optional: add a tbsp of chunky all natural peanut butter)

Topsoil is alive! It contains humus (decomposed organic matter such as dead plant and animal material) mixed with mineral particles. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi break down the dead stuff and turn it into nutrients! Did you know that each shovel of topsoil contains more living things than all the human beings ever born!?!?

Organic layer: 4- finely chopped mint leaves and 1- chopped organic strawberry

The organic layer is made up of dead stuff and living plants!

Add a plant: You may add a mint sprig to your dirt dessert!

Usually the deeper you go into the earth, the older the soil is!


Questions for natural discovery:

  • What kind of soil layer(s) make up your vegetable garden?
  • Where might you be able to observe these soil layers?
  • How thick are real soil layers?

Eat, Explore, Enjoy!


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